From 1997 to 2008 together with Herb Gintis (Economics, UMass), I co-directed a research group called the Network on Economic Environments and the Evolution of Individual Preferences and Social Norms—the Preferences Network for short—funded by the MacArthur Foundation of Chicago. We worked on extending and modifying the rational actor model in economic theory. Experimental economics, game theory, neuroscience, and evolutionary biology/psychology are among the tools we used in our work. Members of the group included George Akerlof (Economics, UC Berkeley), Samuel Bowles (Economics, UMass), Colin Camerer (Economics, Caltech), Martin Daly (Psychology, McMaster), Catherine Eckel (Economics, Virginia Tech), Jean Ensminger (Anthropology, CalTech), Ernst Fehr (Economics, UZurich), Edward Glaeser (Economics, Harvard), Avner Greif (Economics, Stanford), Daniel Kahan (Law, Yale), Daniel Kahneman (Psychology, Princeton), David Laibson (Economics, Harvard), George Loewenstein (Economics, Carnegie-Mellon), Casey Mulligan (Economics, UChicago), Matt Rabin (Economics, Berkeley), Paul Romer (Business School, Stanford), and Margo Wilson (Psychology, McMaster).

For more information about the Preferences Network in particular and the MacArthur Networks in general visit the MacArthur Foundation website.